Childcare Consultancy

Child Care Consultancy helps to solve the childcare puzzle.  We aim to help both people who are new to the childcare industry and experienced childcare professionals who are looking to expand their childcare portfolio.  We have a team of dedicated individuals who will help guide you through the various stages of developing a new centre, purchasing an existing childcare business or upgrading your existing service.  We can also provide help to run the centre after it is up and running.
With over 40 years combined experience in the childcare industry we are hear to help navigate this highly regulated and complicated inductry.  We are here to simplify the process and ensure you have the best possible chance of succeeding in the childcare industry.  We feel that we are unique in the childcare consulting business as we own and operate our own centres. Whilst under our ownership these centres have repeatedly achieved perfect scores on the NCAC Accreditation process.
We also offer you hands on experience in our services.  This is invaluable experience which can help you determine whether or not this industry is for you.  We will show you how to run a high quality service, which we believe is the only way to ensure high occupancy.  Our centres continually run at 100% occupancy with large waiting lists.
We will aim to help in the following broad areas: 
  • If you are buying an existing childcare centre
  • If you are wanting to develop a new centre
  • If you are wanting to expand or improve your existing service 
It is our goal to guide you through the above processes to ensure you are financially successful and you provide a high quality service to the children in your care and the families who entrust you with caring for their children.