Developing a New Centre
Developing a New Centre is a complicated yet rewarding experience.  If done correctly it can reap a large financial windfall.  However, like all property development, there is a lot of risk which we will help you to minimize.This process is broken down into a number of defined steps:
Step 1 - Area Selection
You have heard the saying in Real Estate, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.  It is exactly the same in the child care industry. In fact we believe it is the number one criteria to being successful.  We can provide the following services
  1. Demographic Report
  2. Competition Analysis
  3. Feasibility Studies
  4. Estimated Profit and Loss Analysis
  5. Return on Investment analysis 
Step 2 - Site Selection
We can visit the site to determine if we believe it is suitable for a childcare centre.  This will include reviewing the local council regulations.  If we believe the site is suitable we can help gather a team of experts to generate the Development Application ready to lodge the plans with council.  These may include Town planners, Traffic Consultants, Acoustic engineers etc. We have our own team of external experts we can use or we can correspond with experts you have selected.
Step 3 - Centre Design
This is imperative to the long term usability and viability of the centre.  We have seen so many childcare centres that just don't work.  It is important that the layout and flow of the centre is correct to ensure staff are efficient and the children are happy.  Even the most experienced childcare architects get it wrong.  It is always important to get a second opinion.
Step 4 - Construction
We can help in selecting a builder.  After you have selected the builder we believe there are so many childcare specific tasks that you are better to employ 3rd party contractors to put the finishing touches to the centre.  We have used a number of these experts and believe we can help you source quality products at competitive prices.  Child Care Consultancy has no financial relationship with these suppliers however our relationship with them means they will go that extra mile to make you happy.
Step 5 - Licencing and registering the service with appropriate government bodies.
The child care industry is highly regulated and in order for you to own and operate a centre you must apply for a licence and register the business with certain government agencies so you can operate the service.  We can help with all registrations and also find you a competitive insurance policy.
Step 6 - Opening your service
Now you are almost ready to open a service and this is the most critical time.  Here we can help you with:
  • Educational Resources selection,
  • Marketing and advertising,
  • Recruitment and training of staff
  • Development of centre policies, handbooks and forms.
  • Software selection
  • Supplier selection and account management 
Developing a centre is a long process however at the end you will have a purpose build childcare centre that meets the latest regulations and will be the benchmark for childcare centre's in the area.  This will attract a premium daily rate for children attending the service.