Updating Your Centre
If you are looking to renovate your centre, increase the number of children or change the mix of age groups within the centre we can help you determine the best way forward.  When planning any changes we believe to maximise your return on investment you must always endeavour to have the highest quality centre running at 100% occupancy.
Even if you had not been planning to make changes to your centre the introduction of the National Quality Agenda for Early Childhood Education & Care may mean you must make changes to your centre in order to stay financially viable. The four key elements of the National Quality Agenda are:
  • A National Quality Standard
  • Enhanced regulatory arrangements
  • A quality rating system to drive continuous improvement and provide parents with robust and relevant information about the quality of care and learning
  • The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).
A Regulation Impact Statement for Early Childhood Education and Care Quality Reforms was released and can be read in full.
The document outlines a number of new proposals that will affect the way you run your centre.  As the process continues it will become clearer about which proposals the government will introduce.  What is clear is that they will reward quality childcare centres and that the staff to child ratio will change.  If the most aggressive proposal of the recommendations are implemented then the following maybe introduced
For children from birth to 24 months the staff-to-child ratio to be 1:4 no later than the end of 2011
For children aged 25 to 35 months the staff-to-child ratio to be 1:5 no later than the end of 2014
This will have a massive influence on the way you do business and will require a lot of centres to renovate in order to maximise on their returns.  As we are experts in setting up new centres we understand the rules and regulations not only to do with DOCs but also councils regulations.  We have a team of third party experts who make the process easier for you or we can help advise your experts.
We can help from the planning stages all the way through to construction and DOCs signoff.  We can do as much or as little as you want us to do.  We are flexible and happy to talk.